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My Mother’s Garden

My mother is, by her own admission, an obsessive gardener.  Over the last twenty years she (with Dad’s help) has created what is essentially a botanical garden in a suburban yard in Delaware.  The neighborhood yards are average, some attractive, some neglected, but when you come to my parents yard – it takes your breath away.

One might expect a garden like this in a grand estate or a Charleston city mansion.  That’s why it’s such a treasure, you just don’t expect it.  As much as their neighbors, friends and family love it – it’s my mother’s passion.  She works on it perpetually and says she has a love/hate relationship with it but overall I’d say it feeds her spiritually more than it exhausts her physically.  It keeps her young and Dad as well because he gets tapped for all the “projects.”  I wish pictures could capture the beauty and peace in this garden and all the joy it brings those who are lucky enough to walk through it.  There are so many different ways to create a little beauty in the world, a song, a poem, yarn, gardening, painting, a kind gesture.  Walking the paths of my mother’s garden inspires me and slows me down, it beckons gently and refuses to be ignored.


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